Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got a call from my man Phil last night giving me an update on the life of my favorite hippy. Life sounds good. Phil brought up an artist I keep meaning to post on but haven't. I keep putting it off thinking a new album must be imminent but Phil managed to catch Mofro in Boulder at a ridiculously low price. Above is a picture of Mr. Gray that we took at ACL last year. He was just hanging out in the gospel tent. The day before he had put on an excellent set and we fell all over ourselves praising it. Most of you have already heard these tracks but if not welcome to Louisiana swamp rock.

Download - Y'all Ready?
Download - Dirtfloorcracker
Download - fireflies

Phil is already bought his ticket to Vegoose, anyone else going?
Phil I can't find your myspace.

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Anonymous said...

Go to myspace then search e-mail and then type in my address philthymcnasty1@yahoo.com.
If any sickos out there e-mail me I will hunt you down and poop in your mouth!!!