Saturday, September 02, 2006

Divorce on the horizon

G! has threatened to divorce me if I make her hate the Iron&Wine song The Trapeze Singer. Apparently one of my less charming attributes is my ability to listen to something over and over again. Apparently most people don't like to listen to one song several times in a day. I admit that I have three different versions of the song(which is one of my favorite songs) and I like to put together a playlist with all three versions right in a row which adds up to almost 30 minutes of the same song. It seems that I've been listening to The Trapeze Swinger several times a day for the past few months and yesterday the boss had had enough, hence the ultimatum. I'm going to try to listen to my ipod with my headphones on more often.
Download: The Trapeze Swinger live on NPR One man in a room with his guitar, pretty close to perfection.
Download: The Trapeze Swinger album version (this is from the wicker park soundtrack I believe) Clean studio version, I love the "ohhs" and the band really fills out the sound.
Here is a clip of the song from this years Lollapaloza:

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ryan said...

If the song sucked I could understand but damn its a good song. I hope its played when I see Iron & Wine

I ate 18 hotdogs yesterday