Saturday, September 09, 2006

ACL Day Two

It's much hotter than it appears.
What a day this will be, this may be "the" day of the festival. Here's the rundown if I were in charge.
11:00 Find some lunch.
11:45 Marah
12:30 Centro-Matic, what a great underrated band, Will Johnson is a hell of a songwriter.
Download - Centro-Matic - Love has found me
1:30 phoenix is a great English speaking French band. I've listened to the hell out of this album since G! brought it back from France.
Download - Phoenix - Long Distance Call (25 hours a day mix)
2:30 Ben Kweller is back at ACL. His sets never disappoint.
3:30 The Secret Machines will rock for a bit but hang back because we are leaving early.
4:00 TV on the Radio will put on a great show, get close.
5:30 Calexico or Aimee Mann, I like both but Aimee is prettier.
6:30 The Raconteurs will be great but once again be prepared to duck out early or perhaps skip the whole set.
7:30 Iron & Wine is one of the guys that I am dying to see (damn your wedding to Hell Ryan) so I would be as close as possible for this set. Damn you ACL scheduler for putting the Kings of Leon up at the same time.
8:30 Willie Nelson will already be 15 minutes into his set but we've seen him before(he puts on a great show even when messed up, Whiskey river twice anyone?)
9:15 Massive Attack might play Protection so I'd stay to see them.
Download - Massive Attack - Protection

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