Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ryan Adams and the additional sale

Kingdomforavoice favorite Ryan Adams was on NPR earlier this week. Checkout the spot here it's really cool. The interview extras are also really interesting. The spot touches on Ryan's reputation and the fact that he hasn't released an album in the last six months. Those of you who ascribe to the opinion that Ryan Adams is the ultimate rock n roll douchebag might have to rethink things after listening to this interview.
I didn't get to here the spot on the radio. I was alerted to the fact that he had been on when I sold three Ryan Adams albums in one day. I finally commented on the fact to one of the customers and he informed me that he had heard the spot and had been impressed enough to come buy an album(even if it was a bit overpriced). He had Gold in hand and explained that he had heard that it was his best work. At that point I geeked out for a few minutes and went on a "Ryan Adams is a god" tirade that ended with him buying Gold and Heartbreaker.
Download - Ryan Adams - The Hardest Part
Download - Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up


ryan said...

have they returned to buy the rest of the albums?

Sarah said...

So that's the real reason you want to work there. So that you can convert the world one new believer at a time. I should have known.. I've seen you work your voodoo right in front of my face.

Anonymous said...

I suggest sales through fear that works for me at my shop!PG