Wednesday, January 18, 2006

G Love at the Cain's Ballroom

I think this picture tells us three things. 1. Sarah is a very pretty girl. 2. She likes G Love 3. Okryan shouldn't be trusted with the camera(the goddamn strap, rookie mistake, he was hardly drunk)
Photographic evidence that okryan wears his wedding ring in public(don't tell em that after this picture he took it off and then we banged hookers and smoked Cuban cigars while doing blow off said hooker's asses).
G Love wails while someone throws the devil horns. All Hail Satan!
G Love and the special sauce were back in action at the Cain's ballroom on Sunday. It looked like we weren't going to make it for a few moments due to money problems but good friends came through and okryan, PG and Grant all made it into the show. Inside we met up with Sarah and Eric who were enjoying the unremarkable Eric Hutchinson. G Love came out and played all of the hits including; Baby's Got Sauce, Cold Beverage and Booty Call. The infamous booty call panties were no longer for sale so G! lucked out. Her ass would have looked magnificent in them.
I was really impressed with how smooth and funky he was at the same time. He really laid back and jammed out a lot of the songs. He had a full on band this year with two drummers. His guitar playing was awesome and his rap singy blues thing really worked. I can't forget to mention his harmonica work, exceptional. His music really appeals to a lot of different tastes. The crowd was a pretty mixed bag. They couldn't have been more into it. I wish I could have captured some of the crazy white people dancing that went down, it was a sight to behold. He came out for the encore and played an acoustic version of blackbird. I won't mention the drunk lady that grant got to second base with or the assholes that thought they were at a bar and commenced to talk loudly throughout the entire show because those are little things next to such great music. We tried to get some video with the new camera but the audio didn't work.
The style of G Love makes me wonder why the Hosty Duo aren't more popular, they are doing the same kinda thing with just a little less funk and a bit more country.


lua said...

yes, sarah is a pretty girl. i do wish i could have shown those dancers a thing or two. i am a little annoyed, because i am the original g love, and you dear, are my special sauce. god, that was bad, but i had to say it.

ryan said...

Eric has a small bladder..

beer me said...

I wasn't going to the bathroom, i was selling beer to minors.