Monday, January 02, 2006

The second

School starts up again tomorrow. I know what I'm doing the first two hours but after that... most of my morning was wasted in a meeting on curriculum alignment. The highlight was a middle school teacher who went on a tirade about Jane Schafer and how her system sucks since her daughter couldn't write essays in college. I wanted to ask her if the problem was that her daughter was a shitty writer but I just kept playing solitaire on my palm.
Things have been busy with all of the jobs and everything. I did watch 40 year old virgin last night, it really deserves its own post.
Sally got us awesome gift certificates to Hastings and yet we can't afford the gas to get there, I think there may be some irony in the situation. Well it's time for a haircut.


B.J. said...

Your ability to ignore ignorance is a tribute to your intellectual fortitude, Mark.

If you were Chuck Norris you probably would have given her a good Mawasi-geri to the chin.

lua said...

yes, he does it daily. will you be mad if i comment that you also found out at your meeting that your students had the highest test scores among all of the english teachers (and he don't teach no honors kids)...? the asst. superintendent wanted to keep it on the dl, but i figure it is safe to report it here, yeah?

spanksvosse said...

That's awesome Mark! Well done! You teach em good boy!

SpanksDia said...

I am not surprised.

lua said...

i want a new post. i don't really like this picture.

SpanksDia said...

Yep give us more of those girla with the Great butts and the guns with the bird.. I want ti know where you found it so I can go there and spend a lot of time.
but I do like this one too