Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Supergirl uncovered

Dia, after quite a bit of "research" I'd have to say that it is in fact supergirl. Here is my proof. In the above picture we have Supergirl after losing half of her shirt in a battle with some villain. I guess she didn't have a blanket from krypton to make her costume.
Here she is in her short sleeve summer costume.
I believe this picture is from that lost Mardi Gras weekend.
Here she is in the 1950s, I'm not sure why her breasts are shaped like that.
I also discovered that the carpet matches the drapes, I'm sure you were wondering.


SpanksDia said...

I still don't think so/ That girl was someone else.
but all of these supergirls have those blue tops with the logo not little white tee shirts
the one in the parking lot - she is special !!

SpanksVosse said...

Alrighty, girl number 1:
hmmmmm...very trailer trash, car wash, let me blow you at the drive in super girl. Nice.

girl number 2:
Let me be your sports illustrated super girl. very very nice.

girl number 3:
I'm going to try out for the next mike jones video hooochie super girl.

girl number 4:
doris day goes to the bowling alley and swallows some pins super girl

girl number 5:
I don't have a life so I draw hot cartoons inbetween jacking off to them while my mom and dad are in the living room watching jeopardy...super girl

Your "research" is well noted. Bring me more.

lua said...

i like the pix, but when do you have time?

kingdomforavoice said...

What do you think i do on the nights you don't put out?

SpanksDia said...

Girl number one is heading for an easy victory here.

milla said...

nights i don't put out are mornings i do...i thought you slept.