Monday, January 23, 2006

The strokes

Whoa, Look at this, The Strokes at the Cain's March 11th! I need another job to pay for all the great shows coming through here in the next few months.


lua said...

you have seen the strokes, i have not

spanksvosse said...

I saw the strokes...god they were horrible. The singer was so intoxicated he fell all over the stage and kept slurring his words. He kept reaching into the cooler they had on stage and drinking more. Very disappointing.

B.J. said...

As long as you can match their level of intoxication it's not a problem. It helps to be on the same wavelength.

On that note, I'm there.

beer me said...

So is there a chance that Drew B. may be there. That would be like a dream come true.

SpanksVosse said...

you frat boys are so cute

Drew's Pussy said...

Let's clear up this stupid internet rumour I am on the Is This It ? cover.
I didn't even know the little drummer boi back then.
dumb fucks !

lua said...

um, sorry guys, i read the article by mark spitz) and they are newly sober (except the ugly one, but can you blame him?) so, i think it will prove to be an awesome show. just for the record, my husband was never in a frat. he isn't cool enough. and he's poor. but i love him.

Drew's Brew said...

I've been in every frat
shat in every hat
I know where it's at
with my baybee
I really wanted lou reed
but he wed that bitch and fleed
so the modelman's son
tries hard to be a velvet one
he's got the pipes
and the handi wipes
and my drummer don't drink
nudge nudge wink wink

SpanksDia said...

(First want to say I saw them I think around 2001 or before and I don't know if the dude was drunk or bot. They were hardly a thrill but he didn't seem stumbling around.
I've seen Dylan really drunk and Jerry Garcia fried on drugs and believe me those were truly horrible experience... the strokes were not anywhere near that terrible.)
Now MV reviews first impressions of earth - played in its entirety at Sasha's apt.

Looks like the end is drawing near for the strokes.
they made this album many many many months ago,
and held it for release until christmas week to avoid reviews.
The band says Julian has stopped drinking. Let's hope so. Unfortunately sobriety has not improved his songwriting.
Word was they'd at long last come up with something- anything (even an arrangement ) that is original.
not lifted from lou or the VE or the Spinners, Iggy.
They have moved away from the Velvet/Lou/Igster
approach but not with anything they could call their own. It's like a montage of late 90's music.

This new new album is not exactly a bold leap forward - From the cloying lounge arrangement of "Ask Me Anything" (to which the lyrics are basically "I got nothing to say I got nothing to say" the irony of which I will not belabor)to the insipid "Evening Sun" and virtually unlistenable
I did like the bouncy "Red Light" but that's not saying much. And "Juicebox "
Overall the lyrics on this album are almost stunningly lame. at best they sound like the thundercats.

I think this is the end for these guys.

SpanksDia said...
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SpanksDia said...

sorry again I just reposted and also screwed it up
the incomplete sentence was
the virtually unlistenable "Ize of the World"