Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Right on

That explains a lot.


SpanksDia said...

he is sitting in urine
and what about that nasty yellow thing by the blue bag ?

lua said...

and he has not found god. that girl should help him out for thr photo. give the man a sandwich.

SpanksVosse said...

I think god is a sock. a warm cozy sock that protects you from athletes foot.

sumobeats said...

I would join his church... I'm sure the service would include whiskey shots!

lua said...

um, dia you get atheletes foot. maybe you need to go to church. i told my kids this morning that cheating will bring bad kharma as i passed out their tests...they said i can't say that unless i am a buddhist. then someone said, "she don't eat hamburgers, maybe she is". i swear, i thought they were going to go home to get their pitchforks and torches to run me plum outta town.

SpanksVosse said...

maybe god IS my athletes foot.

SpanksDia said...

Sounds more like you were talking about hindu karma so tell your kids here - you need to read this.


By the way God is a spanking.

toejam said...

God IS a sock - by smartwool

spanksvosse said...

ummmmm....warm and cozy sock by smartwool! I think I'm going to go put god on right now.

lua said...

i like that idea. we need to save all of those men who wear flip flops w/ their hairy toes hanging out. ewe. god is the answer to my prayers. if we all found god, i would never have to look at sweaty feet again. what a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

My feet are like talons with nuclear waste matter hanging from the cuticles.
I am God God is me
Hang those piggies from the old Oak Tree
You got to learn to LOVE the FUNK

Archie Moore said...

My toe nails are still growing and been dead lo these hunert years

SpanksDia said...

Oh woe is me lord upon thy feet
the firecrackers cackle in between my sweaty toes
take the toe jam from me
roll it on your tongue
slip it on your gums
and make it into silk love
semen and pus
and God says abraham kill me a son
abe says god you must be puttin me on
God says No Abe says Whats
God says You can do what you want abe but
next time you see me you better run
take it quick
take it down
down the shoot she goes
the crumbling crud between my toes
the stench the goop under the socks
Oh God Oh God
why doth thou stink around the clock

Archie Moore said...

TRue dat

lulu said...

no comments.
just vommit.
why me/ why now/
god is.
god be.
!not takin me
over your