Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dirty Dean

Sarah gave me a big bag of Dean Koontz books a few months ago and I have begun to read these literary treasures. As you may know I'll read anything. The first one in the stack was Lightening. This gem included a beautiful woman, a punk rock comedienne, evil nazis, good former Nazis and of coarse time travel. "So predictably" you're probably saying but get this the Nazis travel forward in time.Let me restate that, THE NAZIS TRAVEL FORWARD IN TIME! What a twist. The Nazis can't go back in time because their past is already set, that's right, apply a little logic my friend. Anyway The good former Nazi has been tinkering with the life of the beautiful woman, always making things better for her. Eventually the bad Nazis catch on to what the good former Nazi is doing and adventure and lots of Uzi fire commences. With a little help from Winston Churchill everything works out and, get this, the good former Nazi and the beautiful woman end up together. Excellent work Mr. Koontz, excellent work.


lua said...

i will be SO happy when you start differentiating between coarse and course. curse you!

SpanksVosse said...

says the girl who used to write wich for which. heehhe

Judy Krantz said...

Koontz is a talentless cunt face
twat sucking boil on the ass of
my people
Fuck him and Fuck you

and by the way I like to write "affect" for "effect" - and you'll
be weeping on the floor should you chose to make any issue out of it,

SpanksVosse said...

They're, Their, There
Coarse, Course
Wich Which Witch
It's all for me to flip the switch bitch itch...stop I'm Laughing up a stitch...oooohhhh, my tits.

lua said...

jane smiley will be at TU tonight. but me, i have parent/teacher conferences....

Betty # 2 The Queen said...

Read her book on child rearing while there is still time.