Sunday, February 12, 2006

Slot Jockey

If you read G!'s blog you know we had a great time at the casino this weekend. I'll just hit the highlights. The casino was insanely busy, it took us forever to find our group who were "under the stained glass thingee". By the time we found everyone they had already lost all of their money.

Beerme and i ended up playing a game that neither of us understood but somehow included bingo and daubing.

The Cherokee Casino does not have good looking waitresses. In fact i didn't see and wait staff until we had been there for over an hour and they were ugly and didn't give out any free drinks.

We ended up at waffle house where i got a free hair in my BLT... i ate the sandwich anyway. The pecan pie was awesome.

Lisa has a sweet new ride.


ryan said...

Since no one reads my blog, and they shouldn't, we are going to have a bowling party for Em's 30 bday Sat the 25th. no solid plans yet, but the team (Dave & I) are working on it. Just giving a heads up..

lua said...

that is brandi (bj's sister) wedding. unless the bowling is won't work for us.

SpanksDia said...

speak english OR french.
apres comprende, pahnah ?

Moi or Vous? said...

J'aime parler l'anglais. J'aime taper mes pieds. J'aime au Meuglement de Meuglement de Meuglement de vaches de

type with your feet said...

moo baby moo

lua said...

it is called franglais- and it is how i roll, dig?

How I said...

You Over my Kneee
mon petite frannie glais girl

But I Like To: said...

parler l'anglais