Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beards 1

Emily has a theory that people with beards grow tham to hide something or they are ashamed of something. I wonder if she's right?

These two beards hide that fact that they both made sweet love to a gator. In fact it was the same gator... at the same time. And then they ate that sweet little gator.


B.J. said...

I use my beard to carry snacks for later.

It can also be used as habitat for small woodland animals.

Beards also come in handy in a pinch when you have to smuggle small to medium quantites of narcotics onto planes or across international borders.

Not to mention they just look boss (or boffo.. whichever you prefer).

lua said...

jesus? santa? i think she may be onto something

salpulpoo lucy said...

see that's what i meant about ryan adams and lindsey lohan something to hide

SpanksVosse said...


lua said...

so, uh mark...ya need to tell us something? did you get it on w/ a gator? or lindsay? or is there more?

Beard Lickers said...

I was there when they chastised my Lord
There before the gathering hoard
Now it's me and Denise
Under the yum yum trees
Charlie and Mark
went to the park
Lindsey went with Paris
to the Crypt of Phil Harrus
do do dooo