Friday, February 10, 2006


I found out something interesting about Dave that I will post on tomorrow.
Okryan tripped me tonight at work sending me ass over teakettle. I landed on my tapemeasure which hurt like hell. I reported the mishap to my manager and he just laughed at me. Okryan is my manager. At the time I was tripped I was wrapping a fellow coworker(not ryan) in plastic wrap.

If that breast were an island I would happily live on it.

I stayed home with puking D today. While home i apparently taped the wrong room for painting. Whoops. I also watched a video for G!'s class and wrote up some questions. The video was from The Blues series on OETA last year. This one was on the British blues invasion, very cool, lots of Clapton. Muddy Waters had some cool hair.

I heard three songs from the upcoming Morressey album, all of them were above average. I can't wait for the show, tickets on sale Saturday.


lua said...

what would you take with you- on your island?

sumobeats said...

I want to live on boob island...

Mr. Benny said...

you can see the areola borealas
on a clear night.
get back to where you once belonged