Friday, February 17, 2006

Nike Kanji

I'm sure you've seen these Nike Dunk SB Kanji's. I wish i had money. Is there a way to paint on shoes? Have you ever tried it? Would you be willing to try it? I wonder if i could find a cheap pair of used dunks on ebay to experiment with?

Has anyone noticed in the wider world that kids are using brokeback in place of gay, as in "Dude that place setting was so brokeback." Maybe that's just in Sapulpa.


spanksvosse said...

Do you think the translation on those shoes reads: Little girls sweat and died to make these shoes for only 80 cents? Or I hope you enjoy wearing these shoes that I bled for and didn't pee for 16 hours to make. I bet there is some hidden message from those girls in there. Can you hear them Clarie...can you hear them screaming?

B.J. said...

I don't think it's a purely Sap Town phenomenon. I think I read that Gonzaga is asking the student section to stop chanting "Brokeback" at the opposing teams.

B.J. said...

Oh, concerning the wedding. Don't think I ever got back to you but Beer & Wine are gratis and there will be a cash liquor bar.

The break off is on.

Breaking name: Boo Jigga
Style: Deep Space
Signature Move: The Supernova

Come get you some.

lua said...

You should ask Scot about painting some shoes. He should design shoes. Can you imagine? Why hasn't he done that, I wonder? It seems perfect. Hey Scot, Mark wants you to make him some shoes. (you're welcome, baby)



salpulpoo lucy said...

There you go again, whoever you are that keeps dragging your handed bleeding heart lecturing about tennis shoes.
We buy Nike shoes and other Nike sports wear - the logo is really cool. And, honey, don't even start about the poor asian girls and the 80 cents clap trap.
You sound just like all the Frisco Granola Girls, and I'll bet you are a brokeback bimbo as well.

or as my chink housemaid Lin Jigga says,

Brokeback Nike said...

as that hideous bitch Sheryl Crow sings
"Beatles wrote the Nike song and called it macaroni"
reed my website and see how your panda ass shoe company is ripping off rock n roll.

sumobeats said...

who the hell is this salpulpoo person? Is this one of your students?

lua said...

luke, i believe spanky is your man, but i could be wrong.

salpulpoo lucy said...

I am me. Lucy. I owe no credits to any Californians. I am NOT a student in any high school. But I have been and that's all I can say.
THAT and I have been up close and personal with the
groom-to-be. When he was younger.
He was the cutest crypto fascist I ever declined to sleep with.

I Love Lucy said...

I am me. I am the wind that doth spawn the growth from my butt. I am the tired pain from the regenerating dictionary of the world of the crypto fascist boil of humanity. Oh Yea...Oh My.

sumobeats said...

Does this have something to do with the patriot act? Is that why we can't say who we are?

ryan said...

if you want to experiment with painting of shoes you should use paint markers.

kingdomforavoice said...

I wonder if i could cut a stencil and then transfer it to the shoe? Kinda like my homebrew t-shirts.

martha said...

you could try some puff paints and a bedazzler

Teens Do It said...

But not with - spray paint cheap and effective --
from neon glow colors to multi temperas... it's easy no big deal.
Teachers think they are so smart, but they are just like our parents - consumer wankers.

ryan said...

i came across this today and thought you would be interested. if you read the comments you can get some info on what to use and how to do it

ryan said...