Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't tread on me

As part of the "Don't tread on me" world cup campaign nike has put up a special dunk on their nikeid design your own site. The tongue can have one of three limited edition designs and the heel reads "Don't Tread". You can do all sorts of things with the three color scheme they are using for the campaign. I am stoked, dunks and a soccer tie in... sweet.


Dr. Detroit said...

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SpanksDia said...
"Every time we buy or consume,
we may be condoning some
form of killing."
Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ
~ There is 246 million children in child labor.

~ Of that 73 million children are less than 10 years old.

~ Every year, 22,000 children die in work-related accidents.

~ One hundred and twenty seven million working children under 14, which is the largest number, is in the Asia- Pacific region.

~ The highest proportion of working children is in Sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly one third of children age 14 and under (48 million children) are in the labor force.

~ There are 2.5 million working children in the developed countries, and another 2.5 million in Eastern European countries."

In 1998 the FIFA established a code of conduct to prohibit the use of child labor and require decent working conditions and wages for adult workers in all FIFA licensed products.

As another World Cup draws near Support the FIFA efforts
THESE ARTICLES are about some of the vio;lations found by watchdog groyups Assisting the FIFA efforts

Recently, a team from the Global March left for Jalandhar, in the Indian State of Punjab, and captured pictures of children as young as 10 years old stitching footballs.

In Pakistan:
"I have been stitching footballs for as long as I can remember," confided Geeta, a young girl from Jalandhar who estimated her age to be between 10 and 12 years old. "My hands are constantly in pain. It feels like they are burning. There is nothing I can do--I have to help my older sister complete the order."

Most children are forced into labour to help their families earn enough money to survive. Hence, football stitching becomes home-based family work where a middleman, who acts on behalf of a sporting goods manufacturer, provides the football pieces for in-home production. A normal working day does not often provide the workers with even the legal minimum wage. While helping their families, many of the children miss out on their education, creating a vicious circle of poverty and uneducated labour."

a Year later letter from the reporter

"Does Nike Think Of Child Labour in Pak?


International Herald Tribune
London : This is a letter to Tahira Bibi, a child who stitches soccer balls in the Punjab: Dear Tahira,

You may not remember my visit just before the soccer World Cup of last summer, but I do. Its an old clich�, but I doubt I can ever forget you. Your solemn face, your swollen stitching fingers, your apparent serenity as hour by relentless hour you worked to make soccer balls that, in another place, another world, help make millionaires.

When we spoke, or rather when your mother, Haleema, spoke because you didn't want to drop a stitch, you had no notion of who Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane or Michael Owen might be. They are men of a different world - it might seem a different planet - to you.

Though it is my job, my luck, to travel the continents, I approach Christmas still disturbed, still trying to understand how something that starts from nothing at your small hands can give you barely enough to subsist upon, while propelling others far above all of us.

In your composure as you laboured beneath the shade of your front door, in your timeless working rhythm, I saw you - an 11 year old - as the appallingly underpaid creatore of tthetool of, say, Zidane"s finest achievement.

Since you don't read or write, and you have neither time nor access to television, let me draw a picture of who and what Zidane is. He is a Frenchman, though having been born the son of an Algerian janitor and raised in a tough Marseille district he spent his youth not entirely accepted as true blue.

He had little in childhood, but he was granted something denied you - the precious gift of time and space to play.

His playground was the street, his liberator from boredom as a child and possibly drudgery as an adult was the fact that he could make a ball - your ball perhaps, or one made by somebody like you - dance.

And you know what? This play, bordering on genius, has made Zidane everyone's player of 1998. There is not a price France can put on the two goals he scored with his head to win the final against Brazil at Stade de France. There is no way of over-dramatising the scenes along the Champs Elysees and up and down the length and breadth of France that this slight and slightly balding man caused among the people who were now all his admirers.

As harsh as your existence is, you might never have come across a racist. Well, a man called Jean-Marie Le Pen who leads the National Front in France is one. Two years ago, he lamented the "coloureds" on the French national team. He dismissed them as immigrants, as mercenaries, and, I'm sad to say, he arouses a considerable following.

Anyway, Zidane did so well in the summer that every9ne who runs a poll of the outstanding player of the year put him top. So it's not clever of me to tell you about him, except that Zinedine Zidane and Tahira Bibi have somelthing in common.

You both started life at the bottom of the pile. He rose because of his talent and first Cannes, then Bordeaux, then Juventus and then Aime Jacquet, the much-criticised French trainer, built their teams around him. All his coaches did the sensible thing: They did not try to change his natural style, they did not try to work him so hard that he became bored with the effort.

As you do, perhaps, as the sun goes down and the pesky flies start to leave and your fingers ache with the effort of sewing your third 32-panel ball of the day. For each ball, you get 30 cents, which of course means that somebody is profiting greatly from your labour.

While Zidane, for his efforts, is a multi-millionaire. The International Labour Office in Geneva c ar e s about you and 7,000 other under-age workers around Sialkot in the Punjab. They organise - as you know because your two younger sisters benefit - two hours' school a day. They arrange day care to try to help mothers work and ease the necessiry for kids to do so. All the big manufacturers, including Adidas, which markets the official World Cup balls, tell us about their philanthroopic deeds, their social conscience, their attempts to produce their expensive equipment more humanely. They were not there, unlike the files, around you and your mother when I called.

In truth, I'm lost for words on what, if anything, such groups as the ILO, THE United Nations, or writers like myself can really do to help you. It is social engineering on Western lines to suppose that policing children out of work can spare their families needs when, in your case, you who have no father and every cent you reap puts bread into the months of your sisters and two infant brothers.

It is futile to demand that Nike and Adidas and Umbro and Reebok give you a fair wage, or give your mother enough for what she sews so that you could be allowed a balanced upbringing of work and play. Futile, because the Chinese are waiting to set prisoners to stitching at even cheaper ra t es. It is a haunting Christmas tale, to tell, to keep telling. Ronaldo and Zidane and Owen are not bad guys, but something is wrong with a world that showers more millions at their feet than they could spend, and starves a child in the Punjab if she falls too ill to sew.

God bless you, Tahira, and send someone your way who is less inadequate than I feel after my visit."

kingdomforavoice said...

From now on i will only wear flip flops made from recycled tires and kick footballs that i make myself from old shirts and tin foil.

lua said...

oh no you won't. i will not have those hairy toes hanging out. those kids are making shoes whether you buy them or not. which is a non-issue since you are only coveting the shoes. wear your simple's or converse and everyone is happy. no flip flops. (shudder)

feet up pat 'em on the popo said...

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Toe Loving Whore said...

Hairy toes
come on my foes
grow it long
braid in your corn rows

Let em hang out
those toes of yours
let em hang out
and swallow your pussy pores

I wanna smell your feet
and wrap my tongue
in between your sweaty mind numbing meat
Oh Mark save the children
Save them with your fiery red stinky flip flop wearing
your not caring
easy rider
your twelve little piggies baring


Down with the NIKE!

SpanksDia said...

oh auntie LuLu
guessy whaty
Converse shoes are owned by NIKE and made in sweatshops. Nothing says rebellion like child labor.

The holy Trinity said...

What would Jesus do???

Oh my children
I take thee from thy sorrow and pain
I take this thorn in my side
and this blood on my cheek

Please don't forget to lock your doors
and remember I deal in whores
I take them to the watering hole
and let them bare their souls

and they ask me
would you wear Nike?
Would you wear converse
Would you wear the flesh of newly slain children?
Oh Baby baby baby

Spanks dia is a Fag said...

Shut the fuck up. Converse are amazing, always have been and always will be, no matter who wears them. If you pricks actually stop wearing a brand of shoes because "preps" have started wearing them, you're a pathetic piece of shit and should be shot immediately.

Converse are canvas shoes that were popular in the 1980's. In the past few years they have become more popular again. You can buy them in low or high top, and in any color or design. You can personalize them by putting in your own shoelaces and writing on them in permanent marker.

Johnny Depp said...

Oh Tim
where are you Tim


annoyed said...

get off your fucking soap box.
this isn't the place.
you are not changing any minds.
you are just fucking annoying.
you make me want to buy nike just because you are against it.

Soapbox Derby Devil said...

My sweet soapbox has a first name it's E-A-T-M-Y
My sweet soapbox has a second name it's F-A-R-T-S
Oh I love to get on it every day
And if you ask me what I'll saaaay
Is just Do it
Construe it
Buy some humble pie
and chew it.

Slip a Nike up your crack
Seize it
Squeeze it
Do what you can to
Please it

You are so sexy when you're annoyed
Like Bonnie Parker and Pretty Boy Floyd
You make us wet
You make us hard
You make us roll in vats of lard

We don't need drugs
nor any booze
just fantasies of you in your tenny shoes

Derby Devil's Friend said...

That was awesome! OMFG!

lua said...

i am glad you only get upset about jesus and pot. you don't take cheap shots or jabs. it is all fun. woo hoo.the positive energy just oozes out of california. you have such nice things to say.

SpanksDia said...

have a tumbler of sasperilla and set a spell out here on the porch with us.
I think the Soapbox Derby Devil choral group was just havin' some fun with a cranky camper.

Nothing you need worry yourself about. you sweet.


A Student of Life said...

I come here to have a good time, read interesting comments about music and art and I thiink the Nike posts are ok.
Maybe it is a big deal in california to rant and rave and try to tell everyone else in the country how to live.
But what do you contribute ? Gay Marriages ?

Homophobic said...

Remember we are all really gay. Follow the white rabbit to the land of milk and honey...and remember he would never wear nike.

Excuse me for being normal said...

see what I mean ?
I am going to buy some nike shoes now. If you had not tried to ram your hippie dippy California ideas down everyone's throat you might have done some good.
You can keep your drugs and your anti christian jokes and your disgusting spanking perversions and your disease ravaged sluts where they belong - up your Bezerkly asses.

- A Virgin and proud of it

The Anti Virgin said...

Amen baby...amen! Go Virgin Go!!!

I love virgins.
I love to take em
and spank em
and if they're boys...castrate em

Cause they young and dumb
and full of sweat ass C*M


SpanksDia said...

I love America
I Love ALL shoes.
I especially love Virgins.

When the perverts drove old dixie down
And the children were scared by the clown
no ifs and or buts
my disease ravaged sluts
Are ready to plunder the town

- A proud Gay Parent

I here you eat twizzle bags said...

If that is poetry I will fuck my daddy's goats.
you see you are not the only ones who can sware

I am o glad I do not ever have to see people like you California creeps

If you ever came here to the Texas panhandle you would be big babies
and could only work as hores.I am not homophobic I just said that about gay marriages
I am nice to gays as long as they don't try to make a sacrilige of holy matrimony.
But it is obvious Your gays out in california have
an agenda to destroy the values of real families.

lua said...

i like black twizzlers, well licorice, actually.

moonbeam mcgee said...

hey man, marriage is a beautiful thing. so are goats.we are all citizens of this beatiful earth, man. it's time to stop labeling people as gay, virgin, or nike friend. we are all on this crazy trip we call life. spread your negativity elsewhere, man. you dig? the answer comes from within. you have to learn to love yourself, okay? because i love you. peace, man. it's all about finding that inner peace.only then can we all live as one.

Apotheosize My Ass said...

don't try to win this war all by yourself soldier
flight "A" in two minutes
the gulls are squawking
the POlice gawking
but glory glory hallelujah
dance darn ya dance
no jungle no more trance
death cab square pants
and those fighting leathernecks
Log on Log on
Destination . Who knows ?
who knew
Gimme Five and Tame that SHREW

lua said...

i can't write poetry that rhymes. but i can rap.

spanksvosse said...

Let's hear a Gretchen Rap!!!