Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guns n Roses leather

While a dinner at the local Chinese buffet I spied something that took my breath away with its sheer magnificence... This Guns and Roses leather jacket. A 350 pound Indian gentleman was sporting this fine piece of rock and roll homage. It looked like he had been wearing it for quite some time because it was showing some wear. Oddly enough he didn't take it off at dinner. I had to check out the availability of this fine outerwear and what do you know it is on sale at Wilson's leather! It isn't quite as cool as Axel's white leather jacket from the paradise city video(which I was and am convinced is the epitome of cool) but it will do.


Meg White said...

Axel autographed my breasts

lua said...

he was watching this guy at dinner, and i couldn't figure out why until now. the guy did not take it off to eat, cause he knew you would steal it. you weren't looking at your food and caleb and i had our own conversation sans toi.what would it be like if you had one?

sumobeats said...

Think about how rare that sighting is... For one thing you don't see a 350lb indian (not too uncommon in Ok) everywhere and g'd up with such a sweet leather jacket!?