Monday, April 10, 2006


This weekend was too busy to recount but one this really stands out, Scot stopped by on Saturday. When was the last time I'd see him(G! post that fact for me please)? Unfortunately I was on in between the ACT and work so I only got two talk for maybe 10 minutes. Anywho two things stand out about the encounter.
1. He was rocking the "golddiggers(pictured below)(I was embarrassed to be in a pair of well worn "Blue Ribbons") and I quickly realized that photographs of this shoe do not do it justice. Youshould have seen those things in the sunlight, amazing. Can you tell from the picture that there is like shiny gold foil behind the mesh?

2. Scot's artwork is unbelievable. He dropped of a catalogue from that Survival of the Fittest show that I blogged about some time ago. I believe there were 13 different artist in the show and Scot's work really stood out, that kid can get his art on. If I had some money I would have the picture with the scarebs in it on my wall right now. Well maybe not right now but it would be in the process of being shipped as we speak.

If we end up moving to San Fran I'm sure you'll see Scot and I in line to buy shoes at some point if you're in the area bring us a couple of burritos.


lulu said...

i was wondering if he always looks that cool, or was it just for us...maybe it is the LA factor. anywho- i am glad he is our friend (meme sans etre cool)

losergoes1st said...

so good to be able to see everyone this weekend! the kids are AMAZING! chloe is ready for an art show of her own! ok, ok, enough exclamation points. as always, thanks for the props. btw, the painting that you posted a picture of is titled "tulsa spelled backwards is aslut" and will be up at the TAC (in tulsa) for their 5x5 exhibit in may.

kingdomforavoice said...

That's awesome, we'll definatly be there.

sumobeats said...

Those are some pretty sweet kicks... New puma and ben sherman collections out there.