Friday, April 28, 2006

Dunk NL

Look at what's on sale at it's the cheapest i've ever seen dunks. Scot, have you ever worn an nl(no liner)? Are they comfy?
These are my favorites. I guess since i have a pair of shoes in the mail i won't worry about these.


losergoes1st said...

never worn the no liner. can't imagine that they are comfy, but what do i know? oh, i DO know that i MUST own the invisible girl AF1s (and i will not be wearing white socks with them). drop date anyone? did you see the picts of the lines to get the supreme x nike blazers? the supreme store out here has a full skate bowl inside the store!

kingdomforavoice said... has the drop dates for all of the Fantastic four pack. I like the Thing dunks but they are hi tops, not my favorite. I still haven't seen the "Mr. Fantastic" shoe.
I saw some pictures of the line for the blazers, insane. Did you see Jeff Staples Blog? Free shoes must rule.