Sunday, April 02, 2006

D takes to the field

Checking out the competition in "the long step".
Warming up for the big race.
The Olympics were a blast. I think Dylan had one of the largest personal cheering sections at the event. He ran an impressive 50 meter dash winning 2nd in a field of 6. Apparently none of the kids had practiced with a gun because when they fired the shot to start the race they all cringed and kind of froze. If D had recovered sooner he would have ran an even tighter race. G! did I fine job of running along backwards in front of D (she wasn't allowed to touch him).
The long jump was another story. He finished 3rd out of three, never really getting the idea of jumping at the edge of the sand pit, so it was more like the long step. I took a video with my camera that I'll try to post.

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sumobeats said...

Way to go D! Next year we are sweeping the events.