Saturday, April 22, 2006

Suddenly Everything has changed

LB taken a piss in the yard, I taught him that. I guess tonight he kicked it up a notch and took a shit on the deck. How do you teach kids where to draw the line?

Do you ever get on ebay and bid on things that you know you have no chance of winning just to see how many times you can bid before your the winner for a few minutes? Well sometimes that game backfires. Behold my latest(accidental) purchase the Air Jordan IV, my favorite design wise of the entire Jordan line. The Jordan IV is my absolute favorite due to sentimental reasons. I got these for a relatively ridiculously low price, still more than I usually spend on shoes. I went to bed not expecting that I would be the winner but the next morning lo and behold I'd won. I had to tell G!(something that frankly worried me since I'd bought a pair of shoes two weeks ago) but she was cool about it. Don't worry, it won't become a habit.

Scot - what do you think? I know you don't like white shoes but I think these look better in white than in black. Not as cool as the undefeated colorway but who has the money for those?


losergoes1st said...

these are sweet kicks no matter what color. jordans usually do look better in white for some reason, and the IVs are definitely one of the best designs of the series. have you seen anything about the Fantastic 4 pack dropping in may? has a clear (invisible) AF1 that i'd like to check out.

kingdomforavoice said...

I saw a picture of those a few days ago, not real inpressed with the Am95's but those clear AF1's are awesome. It sure would make choosing socks difficult.

kingdomforavoice said...

WHoa those were Am97's