Wednesday, April 19, 2006

$10 t-shirts

Ryan and I made it to the MuteMath show last night. I had to work so things were looking a bit iffy but I had a majorly shitty day and was determined to get to that show.

We rolled into the Cains just in time to see Mute Math take the stage. The crowd was really big for a midweek show in Tulsa, I figured that it would be a small turn out, once again proving that I have no concept of what is cool. I really need to just throw this fact out there right off, the lead singer had a keytar on! You could really stop reading right here secure in the knowledge that it was a great show based solely on that one small fact.
We also noted that the drummer was not in the traditional spot(behind the rest of the band) but instead was right up front next to the bassist. We quickly heard why, the drummer is the star of the fucking show! He was absolutely amazing. I went back and listened to the CD again today and in the studio you can hear the drums but live they are way up front. One of the highlights was the drum solo that involved carrying the high hat around the stage while he played it and then rocking out on an upside down stool and a mic stand. It was awesome.

The lead singer was also a mighty presence on stage. Besides the aforementioned keytar he played keyboards, a pie plate and some weird thing that looked like the neck of a guitar attached to an effects pedal. He also jumped over a lot of stuff like the drum kit, his keyboard and a stool. Unfortunately since we were in such a hurry to get to the show I forgot to grab my camera.

Soniclly Mute Math are very impressive live. They are really tight musicians and each do their thing well. When I listen I hear a coldplay thing happening as far as the scope of the music and maybe a bit of Gomez in that they can really take these beautiful songs and rock them out all that and they sounded a little electro English. All that and they are from New Orleans. Did I mention that they played the instrumental track off of the album? When was the last time a band played an instrumental? All in all it was a great show.

Whoa, I didn't mention the cheap shirts. Both Mute Math and The Working Title had cheap shirts. I don't think I've seen a shirt for $10 since Ben Kweller's night cats tour. And both bands had multiple well designed shirts, bravo for going the extra mile.

Download Mute Math - Typical

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