Friday, April 07, 2006

Not much to say

Yesterday Chloe made up a new rule for the van "no skipping Arcade Fire songs". I just wanted to listen to The Trapeze Swinger but i did end up abiding by the new rule.
Liam was "sick" earlier in the week and had to come up and stay with G! and i at school. He saw this picture and said "My Steve is silly, and that's Joe!"
Does anyone have a copy of UHF? That movie rules.
Moz's new album Ringleader of the tormentors has been in heavy rotation at our house. I preordered mine and it showed up at the house on Tuesday wrapped in a fabulously gay Morrissey t-shirt. The new album is beyond great but you already knew that.


lua said...

his steve is silly. i am impressed that you had time to post...working 40 hours this week at your second job and all. chloe does love the arcade fire, but she is embarasssed to wear her t-shirt to school, because her friends don't get it. maybe the kids in vermont will be more understanding of her tastes in music...

SpanksDia said...

Is that a Gertrude Stein t-shirt ?