Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Days away

Things are heating up here, we are a couple of days away from the big move and we still have a ton of shit to do. I'll probably be internet free for several weeks since we have to figure out what works best in Vermont and then get the internet dude to hook it up and everything so don't be surprised if I don't post on a regular basis. If anyone knows of any good jobs in Vermont let me know, I need one.
I put up some new pictures even though G! says that everyone is sick of my Colorado posts. These pictures document the free in store appearance of Pete Yorn. He played June and a few songs off the new album. It was good stuff. The second picture was taken from outside while we waited in the rain for the missing Emily to show up so we could get tattoos... she was eating.
Our used car guy John John is trying to find us an all wheel drive Chrystler Pacifica or Ford Freestyle. We are going to need all wheel of four wheel drive this winter. The fact that we heed seating for six and don't want a big SUV really narrows our search. I'm kinda hoping for the pacifica. They look like a streamlined station wagon with a big ass.

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Lindsey-lu said...

wow - it's the end of an era! i'm sure sapulpa will miss you. but vermont is in for some good Oldham times!