Friday, August 04, 2006

Phil of the mountain

Like I've said before Phil really took care of us in Colorado, he led us around town and let us crash with him up at Eldora(thanks to Jeremy and Jeff also). You wouldn't believe what a great gig Phil and his friends have, the picture below is the view from their window. Check out those snow free ski runs. Eldora is about 5000 feet(around 10,000 above sea level) above Boulder. Phil and Jeff(a great guy) bomb down this wickedly steep road into town where they work at a really cool place called the Boulder Sports Recycler. It's a consignment/bike shop that handles all kinds of bikes, climbing and camping gear and clothing.
Jeff(the mastermind) and Phil gave my bike what mounted to a $45 tune up. Here Phil installs a sweet battery powered light. Moments latter my ratty ass saddle gets replaced.
Here I am at the feet of the master. Jeff is a great bike mechanic and I actually picked up some greattips from him, thanks again Jeff.
Here's Ryan on Phil's patio. Awesome view. Yes Ryan has finally changed his shirt(i believe that shirt was purchased at a thrift store in Fort Collins the previous day).

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