Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let's play

"You want me to make a top five what? No way, how about cover songs?"
I forgot to mention that Sarah has a new top five posted. This time she has thrown down her top five cover songs. She was at our going away party and Ryan and I both expressed our disappointment in the fact that we had nothing to write lists for. I know she's really busy with stuff so a big thanks to her for updating. I know we talked about cover songs for awhile but I was a bit too drunk to remember what was going to be on my list so I'm starting from scratch.
Her are hers
5. Killing me Softly - the Fugees
4. Live and Let Die - G N R
3. Gin and Juice - The Gourds
2. Hard to Handle - The Black Crowes
1. Higher Ground - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nice list, tough choices. I'm still working on mine but I'm sure Wonderwall by Ryan Adams and Thunder Road by Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Tortoise will be on there.
I listened to my Ipod for hours while I packed yesterday. God I love that little contraption. Here are the next ten songs it wants to play for me.
1. The Mariner's Revenge Song - The Decemberists.
2. Transformer Man - Neil Young
3. Route - Son Volt
4. Girl, You have no faith in medicine - White Stripes
5. Reunite on Ice - Blood on the wall
6. Space Travel is Boring - Sun Kil Moon
7. Since K got over me - The Clientele
8. Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel
9. A Certain Romance - The Arctic Monkeys
10. Raising the Sparks - Akon Family/Angels of Light
That Ipod know what it's doing.
I've gotten a couple of new shirts from friends traveling abroad. Melissa bought me an FC Barcelona jersey while in Spain. It matches my zoom airs perfectly, I hope Vermonters appreciate shit like that. G!'s mom bought me an Italia World Cup Champs shirt, very nice. If I were prone to geeking out I'd tell you that it will look good with my Adidas Marathon ZX's.
I've been wearing my dunks almost exclusively for the last several days(everything else except for my running shoes are packed up) and I can't get over how awesome they look.


amster said...

Hi Mark - I don't know you all that well but do enjoy reading your blog - Who wouldn't enjoy reading about the adventures of the Oldham family? But to Sarah I have to say that Phish's cover of Gin and Juice is way better than The Gourds.

Ryan Is A Tool said...

So... I get an invite to come help load all your crap, but I don't get an invite to the going away party... ?!??... hmm...

losergoes1st said...

you know it's summer in oklahoma when you've got the box fan on for the late nite party. nice of you to stick yur chin in the picture. is the beard back?

Flatlander said...

Nice list of songs on deck on the iPod.