Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Saturn vs. The National

I may be a bit behind the curve here(keep in mind that we didn't get cable until moving to Vermont) but I just saw a Saturn commercial featuring a song by The National. Anyone that I've made a mixtape for over the last year can attest to what a big fan I am of this band. Unfortunately the whole commercial thing sets off my sellout alarm, that having been said it's not ringing that loudly. The young hardcore cooler-than-thou me(really I'm better than I used to be) would have renounced all ties to them and equated them with Kelly Clarkson from that time into perpetuity. Oddly enough I'm happy for them. I know all about mortgages and doctor bills and back to school shopping and hope they each got a wheelbarrow full of cash for the use of their song.
The song: Secret Meeting
My favorite song on the album is Karen. Hopefully some company will want to use it for promotional purposes and will keep in the line "it's a common fetish /for a doting man /to ballerina round the coffee table cock in hand" I'm thinking possible Jergins hand lotion. That was wrong I apologize.
Download : Karen
If you are into the artsy black and white thing then check out the video for Daughters of the So Ho Riots here.
If you(like myself) like performance based pieces filmed in the band's own practice space then you can check out the video for Abel here. Both are on the Beggers Banquet site.

Or you can check out this guy playing drums along with "secret meeting" for some unexplained reason. As a drummer I can say that we all play along to our favorite songs but rarely do we film it and post it on YouTube.


Sarah said...

I've noticed the commercial before and it Has reminded me of CD's you made for me. It's funny that you mention Kelly Clarkson, because this morning I woke up to her singing- I have my radio alarm set to the most obnoxious station I can find so that I HAVE to wake up and turn it off. It works.

kingdomforavoice said...

you are in fact a genius. You should make a clock radio that only tunes into crappy stations.

Flatlander said...

I heard that commercial too. I used to get much angrier about those kinds of ads also. Then a friend pointed out that it's probably the biggest payday of their life. So, now I let it slide. Plus, the ad didn't use much of the song. Just the little guitar piece.

I think its worse when a band that has had a lot of success like The Who sell the rights to one of their songs. Then it's just greed and disrespect for the fans.

I always thought Yo La Tengo struck a good balance on this issue. They've told companies that they won't sell them one of their existing songs that fans have emotional connections to. However, they would be willing to write an original piece of music for the company.

They did that for Coke and they also re-wrote the Roto-Rooter jingle for them. Ira said that the Coke payday was enough to match their typical annual revenue from music. So, it worked well for everyone.

kingdomforavoice said...

Right on. Bands need to eat just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Fuck everyone of you money grubbing sellout bastards!

E. Vedder

ryan said...

Ryan Adams did a Gap commercial with Willie Nelson. I'm just saying.. thats all

sumobeats said...

Mark, You and flatlander should start doing your own podcasts! Would be awesome!

kingdomforavoice said...

anything done with willie is legit.