Friday, August 18, 2006

The Move(the short version)

Here it is, the new digs in fabulous Chelsea Vermont. Built in 1809 this little beauty is so aged that nothing in it is square, it has settled in two different directions making most of the doors unshutable.
Ahh the Penske, I hate that bitch. Probably the most stressful thing I've ever driven. I'm sure you noticed that it's parked with the semi's. The thing was so wide that you had to be thinking about where it was in the lane at all times. Needless to say we ran into construction every 10 miles. I loved seeing the "Lanes Narrow" signs. And don't forget the length. The storage are was 26 feet long and we were pulling the car on a trailer adding another 10 feet or so making it one bitch to turn or, lord forbid, back up.
Two things to notice in this out of order picture, the friends and the stress. Most of the people that read this were there helping so you all know how much work went into packing up and cleaning the house. I don't know how we could have done it without you all. Seeing our landlord packing up with the help of just one lame ass friend(she was eating every time I saw her) makes us appreciate our crew even more.
Look at these nerds. Our landlord wasn't out of the house as early as we had hoped(even after the trip up took a day longer than we had planned) so we got to do a little looking around while Sarah was with us. Here are the bitches at G!'s school. We also took in Ben & Jerry's and spent some time in Montpelier.
I skipped over a lot of stuff here are a few more highlights.
The truck shook so violently that it would frequently shake the ipod loose.
There are no hotel rooms available in new York(the state).
New York state doesn't believe in vacancy signs.
We hit the Nike outlet.
It's easy to develop a Waffle House habit.


Flatlander said...

Welcome to VT. Good to have another indie music fan in the Green Mountains. If you are ever going to any shows, shoot me an email.

Good luck with the unpacking.

Oh, and by the way, along with the unclosable doors, I'm guessing you have a stone foundation. If so, expect a river through the basement in the spring. Get a few wooden pallets on the basement floor before you load too much down there.

Sarah said...

Don't call Missy a nerd. She was on a leash and forced to be in the geeky first day of school picture.

ryan said...

have you found the chocolate coins yet?

lua said...

could you have found a better pic? YIKES!

sumobeats said...

Maybe a career in trucking is something you should consider... You look at home among the trucks in that pic. Plus you could develop a raging crank addiction, rockstar trucker.