Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top Five Covers

Ok, i'm going to put these down even though i know i'm forgetting something.
5. La Cienega Just Smiled - Doveman (Ryan Adams cover)
4. Close to Me - The Get Up Kids (Cure cover)
3. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine (Postal Service Cover)
2. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams (Oasis cover)
1. Thunder Road - Bonnie "Prince" Billy/Tortoise (Springsteen cover)

My favorite covers that i've seen/heard live have to be
2. Madonna Medley - Possom Dixon (This included snippets of early Madonna hits. It also included the lead singer writhing on the keyboard.)
1. She Don't Use Jelly - Ben Kweller (I caught this at a small club in OKC and the entire time i wondered if Wayne was present.)

Honerable mentions include:
Handle With Care - Jenny Lewis; 5 years - Seu Jorge; Landslide - Dixie Chicks(that's right); Straight Outta Compton - Nina Gordon; Morrissey EP - Colin Meloy; WhenDoves Cry - Damien Rice; One More Night - Nina Gordon; Against All Odds - Postal Service; Waiting for a Superman - Iron&Wine
If anyone wants me to post the mp3's for any of these other covers let me know.


Flatlander said...

No love for Lambchop's cover of Elvis Costello's Beyond Belief

Flatlander said...

That sentence should have question mark at the end of it.

sumobeats said...

Thanks for the downloads... And nice list!

Lisa, Scot's old lady said...

Last summer Scot and I saw David Byrne play with the Arcade Fire. They covered Beyonce's Crazy in Love. Best. Cover. Ever.

Before that my fave live cover was the Roots doing Welcome to the Jungle.

I've never heard the ones on your list, but I'll definitely check them out now...