Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas music

The worst thing about my new job is the fact that they play Christmas music continually. It is impossible to escape. And it isn't even really good Christmas music, there are about 20 different songs that they play over and over and occasionally throw in a little better caliber tune. After eight hours yesterday the highlights were: Two Elvis songs, one James Taylor, and That George Michaels Christmas song. Here is a cover of it for you to enjoy. Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas . I have been informed that after Christmas season we switch to country music which I would welcome at this point.


lua said...

and i haven't even played any carpenter's this year.

SpanksVosse said...

Every time I hear Carpenters I am reminded of you in my red robe lip syncing to them using a hair brush as a microphone at Iba dorm. Memeories. It always makes me smile.

Mark...I love this picture. Is this something you and G! do?

lua said...

damn. i was good, huh? did you perform at that show? you have seen our 'thinking chair' uh huh.

SpanksVosse said...

No I just sat in awe of you! So cute.

And yes, the thinking chair. Very appropriate.