Friday, December 02, 2005

There is a place in hell for me and my friends

I watched Morrissey Live in Dallas tonight. I found it up in the attic with a bunch of other movies. Moz is the man, he was lookin way cool in his work boots, jeans and fuckin gold lame shirt(which eventually got ripped to shreds by overzealous fans). He put on a great show. I know G! and i have spent hours upon hours with Morrissey and The Smiths. I hope sumobeats is still rocking The More you ignore me the closer i get poster. We should all take a moment to worship his greatness. Direct you praise to this download Morrissey - There is a place in hell for me and my friends (link is down)


lua said...

i know i watched this with you, but i have to agree, the man is amazing. i feel as if i owe him something. it's strange. but i do. i'd rip his shirt to show my love, if given the opportunity. in a heartbeat. yeah,a heartbeat.

SpanksVosse said...

I think we all owe him a lot. Everyone should go thru a Morrisey/Smith era. Very important.

sumobeats said...

The Poster is stashed away, awaiting the next move to be displayed proudly. Dad, doesn't think morrissey goes with the cowboy and indian theme him and Kim have worked so hard to establish. Cowboy, Indian and a baby Guatemalen... Sounds like a great sitcom.