Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ohh Yeah

They have arrived.


Pink Page Poser said...

I missed MJ's recent appearance on Oprah to pimp his new women's clothing line and I understand his bitch Charleen Barkley came out modeling a pretty cute outfit.
'I have nothing against them being a gay couple, but it IS Oprah's show and I understand she is miffed that Charlie Girl kept the hostess with the mostess's hairdresser too busy too long to give you know who's coiff its proper preshow attention.

and the colored girls go
O O O Jordan
The river and the man I'm a bording
Oprah's ass is wide
But there's giamonds inside
O O Jordan
There ain't no more cane on the brazzos
There ain't no more pain It's not impordan
La La
Ain't a gonna be treated this a way.

SpanksVosse said...

Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm
I remember when he did hanes commercials...does he still do them? Here's a man who never got caught. Colby should have taken notes.

ryan said...

are they on the mantle yet?

kingdomforavoice said...

That's a damn fine idea. Let me get all of this christmas crap off of there.

The Jordanaires said...

we thought he'd rekindle our careers but no
he rakes it in while we still do the lounge at panhandle Days Inns

The Jordanaires said...

Our people told us not to litigate they said Michael's deal would enhance our viability as a major act
but no
fuck that
He's a zillionaire and we got bupkis
still playing fucking weekend lounge sghows at Days Inns on the panhandle.

sumobeats said...

It's gotta be the shoes!