Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Captain Kirk set phasers on spank

We already know that Cap't Kirk is the most badass human in the entire galaxy so this picture just confirms that fact.


SpanksVosse said...

Mark I welcome you into the way of Spank. It is good to have another member. Peace be to you.

sumobeats said...
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sumobeats said...

What episode was that in??

what was deleted? said...

was it from LuLua ?
There is a resemblance -slight- but it's there in that pic of the spankee.
Maybe it is just the short hair.
anyway see that George Putnam was right - perversion is spreading everywhere.
it could even show up on Lua's page.
Free gum for everyone that day.

sumobeats said...

I heard that santa got that sd card from Amazon for you! He did all his shopping @ Amazon. That and our Latics FC!! Oldham Rulz!!