Monday, November 07, 2005

Repeat very fast please. Not so fast.

This post is for sumobeats and anyone else that enjoys a little intelligent rap music. I'm sure most everyone has heard of the DangerDoom album The Mouse and the Mask. It is a great collaboration between Danger Mouse and MF Doom they chop up a bunch of adult swim stuff for their tracks. It is great and hella funny. Here is my favorite track

Download : Sofa King

So I have pleased the gods in some way. I came home Friday night completely intending to walk over to okryan's to watch the Ryan Adams letterman appearance on his new LCD TV. Unfortunately a group of bad bad ladies were at my house when I got home and they quickly got me too drunk to walk but I happened to stumble into the bedroom at some point and turned on the TV just as Dave was announcing Ryan. He was performing Come Pick Me Up, which we all know has several curse words in it. He basically just didn't sing those words and I guess because of time constraints he virtually cut out the harmonica solo in the middle and they didn't jam out at all there at the end. That having been said it was awesome. Ryan looked and sounded great, JP was nowhere to be found and Dave raved about the song when he came over to shake hands. Good stuff yo.
I'm kinda waiting for some wedding pictures to do the wedding post so stay tuned for that...
G! took me on an 8 mile walk today!


Luke said...

I have heard of this but haven't heard this... Liked the one i downloaded! Thanks man! See you got the background color changed!
Did you use css?

Anonymous said...

i haven't heard of the DangerDoom album, but i think MF Doom is amazing so i'm definitely going to check it out.


SpanksDia said...

I have heard about these Oklahoma Womens' orgies and
the power of brute group force.

Watch yourself around G, but you know that or would already be s stain on the highweay.
I only like olkd school rap but will go listen to whatever the fuck that is.

Dia said...

OLD SCHOOL RAP RULES! I love Kurtis Blow!

lua said...

Dia, really... it is okay to like old AND new music. Check out le tigre- those lesbians know how to break it down. i think you would also like davendra banhart, the clientelle, and magic numbers. love you.

Dia said...

Oh I know all about the new stuff. And the lesbian act was done ages ago. No thanks! If he isn't jewish own a harmonica and name himself after a famous poet I don't want to hear about it. LOVE YOU!

SpanksDia said...

LeTigre - Puhleease.
It's for office girls who save up to by Marc Jacobs.
It's not necessarily all right to like new things since so many of them are tepid, recycled dumbed down and
mainly lack soul.

OLD SCHOOL RAP - name any 3 new school peers who are better.

if it's not black and blind or big boobed with glitter and nashville backups or doesn't play jewish harmonica
chances are it Sucks,

what happened to that spanking animation ??
damn it G did you remove that?

Dia said...

Not removed...just on another entry. Try Gretchen's blog not Mark's. And you're right. I can't name anyone recently in the Hip Hop biz that is better then the old school rappers.