Saturday, November 12, 2005

Everything looks perfect from far away.

That Landon Donovan is quite a looker. Today was CloClo's last soccer game of the season. She scored off of a sweet inadvertent knee. The Girls got mad skillz yo. Afterwards it was trophy's and burgers! Free food! Caleb has one more game on the morrow.
I was talking to sumobeats this morning while he was on his way to the gym when he informed me that a car in the parking lot of the gym was rolling very slowly towards a building. At that point he had to go and I'm left wondering what happened next... And so are you.

Iron & Wine rulz

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landonforprez said...

you forgot to mention the conversation we overheard- all of the toothless overweight soccer moms were talking about wanting to bear the children of country singers. yum. i can't do it justice, but it was enough to run a cold chiver down your spine.