Saturday, November 19, 2005

When your out there on the road

I watched Land of the Dead last night. Okryan and I saw it at the dollar movies this summer but a kid in one of my classes had it the other day and let me borrow it so I've watched the movie and all of the extras and am about to watch it with the commentary. Besides the killer zombies and the shawn of the dead cameo the coolest thing about the movie has to be the strangely beautiful Asia Argento. She is a fox.
By the way i'd love to get The Zombie Survival Guide for christmas.


lua said...

a fox? who says that? she's hot- i'll give you that, but a fox? come on english teacher... you can do better. she looks angry, if you ask me. what's with the gun? alright, i'll stop acting like a jealous wife. btw- he really doesn't need any zombie stuff. we could use some rechargable batteries, though.

sumobeats said...

Where's the List Mark?? Santa gotta have a list!!

Rye Cooter said...

Asia's my baby. My angry honey pot, and those are her real boobies in case you didn't know.
Her father is a fairly good but highly overrated Italian horror film director.
I have the Asia sex tapes - VHS 45 minutes of foxy hard core action. $29.95 plus $5.00 S&H.