Thursday, November 03, 2005

That ain't the hardest part

Ryan Adams will be on Letterman this Friday 11-4-05. He will be playing one of my favorites of all time Come Pick Me Up. The last time I say Ryan live he played half this song jumped off stage and reappeared on the bar to lead a sing-along. Inspired as always. Okryan has assured me that the TiVo knows we like Ryan Adams and will record it without asking.

I guess while I'm at it I should talk about Jacksonville City Nights. I love the disc. I know I'm extremely biased but hey, that's me. G! Always tells me to "turn off that country music" to which I reply rather sarcastically "it's alt-country". I've seen a lot of bad reviews of the album which mainly focus on how different this disc is from most of his other stuff. These are the same people who loved the Strokes first album but hated their second one after saying they hadn't changed their sound at all. Doesn't that mean you should also love the new album? I don't get it but I do love this disc.


Luke said...

You told me about this album before and I love it!! Course I like me some "alt-country". You are truly a wellspring of musical knowledge!

lua said...

i stand my ground. but i do love heartbreaker. ryan and i are on-again off-again. i loved the belt comment, luke. you made us laugh.

ryan said...

hmmmmm bad news the cable info is on the fritz so it didnt know ryan was on