Thursday, November 10, 2005

Okryan this one's for you


Silver Haired Lady Luck said...

Mommy? I think I saw her down by the wharf dancing to kenny logins.

Luke said...

MMMMMMMM Silver Boobies...

ryan said...

thats what em looked like after a week of no runing water

lua said...

you wish. i never look like that. oh wait, that is because i shower...daily.and my hair is short. and dirt is brown. not that i have dirt, i'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Daily Eh?

ShirleyB said...

Pretty girl, beware of his heart of gold
This heart is cold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold

Boobie Owner said...

Who loves gold?
It's silver fool
Silver as the moon
from empending doom

Silver hair
silver boobies
my favorite word
Boobies boobies boobies!

DitaVonTease said...

That's me
or it isn't I am everywhere. and my boyfriend smeels worse than yours and makes a lot more money.