Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Deep in My heart, that's where the knot comes loose.

Listen to the wedding Nazi!!

So here is my post on the wedding weekend. I should start by saying that catholic weddings are hilarious. I'd never been to one before.

I think the wedding weekend officially started when we met the groom and PG at the tux shop and found we had no money to pay for them. Luckily calls were made and credit card numbers procured. On to the church for the rehearsal. We met with the priest for a few minutes, em was late, where he informed us that although there were dogs listed in the program as attendants, his church did not allow dogs. It was the first we had heard of it. The Priest then turned us over to a stooped old man who quickly was christened the "wedding Nazi". He was crazy and had a list of what not to do as long as my (third)leg. (that jokes for you baby). His wife was also there and they were then collectively referred to as "The Wedding Nazis". I forgot to say that em made ryan shave so he bought shaving supplies and shaved in a wal green's bathroom. Then she brought him a change of close and the pants were too tight. Funny stuff. I most pause here and say that the church was kick ass but for what they paid I should have been able to sit in the big thrown with no pants on and they should have had more than one bathroom, but I'm just sayin'. The dinner was a lot of fun, except for the incredibly long hay ride. The food was awesome, the company was great the only problem was that we left about 9:15 so I probably could have made it to the Iron & Wine show.

Ryan and I had to coach two games for our under 8 girls team(both crushing defeats). So we were at the soccer fields for three hours. Plan's were made to meet at my house at 5:15(we had to be at the church at 6:00. Damn I'm tired, I'll finish this tomorrow.

edit - Lisa liked the mix. I Rawk. Ryan and em made it to Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Voice I hope I am back in yo pants I have finally visited the blog. I am sorry for my tardiness. I hope I spelled that wrong. Well for those of you that do not know I am PG and I can make anybachelor part fun. To say no more but I will anyway. At the reception it was not mentioned that Okryan had a gay man in the double clutches of his fist during all the slow songs. His wife was jealous and extremely sad that the dogs could not be at the wedding. I guess we will have to make it up at there b-day parties. Well it has been fun poppin my cherry on such a kiss arse blog. I hear okryan should take some pointers since his is the lamest in the world. I am out!!!!

lua said...
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lua said...

Oops- I deleted my last comment. I said (and I'll try not to delete it) that Phil's spelling isn't an issue- but the English teacher might want to edit his spelling of "clothes" and "throne". sorry baby- i love you (and your 3rd leg)- but you not a reel gud speller.