Saturday, November 19, 2005

I will follow you into the dark

All right i just found out that Asia was in XXX with vin so she is dead to me.


lua said...

it really isn't safe to smoke on your back. i'm just concerned for her safety, that's all.

Sarah, yes really, not G said...

It's sort of unsettling to scroll down through all the naked pictures and end up at the severed head. What's wrong with Vin? He's hot.

Dia said...

Chicks with tattoos and guns! Very hot! Very very very hot! I'm not a fan of her tattoo tho. Weird to see an angel near your nether regions. What do you think she's trying to convey?

sumobeats said...

I wonder what that view is like? Seems like the angel would be distracting to anyone attending to the "nether regions" or totally distracting... Which one do you make eye contact with? I bet she had to make xxx to pay off her credit card which she used for the tattoo and the gun!
I liked Scot's website!! He sale any of that art?

lua said...

when did this turn into a soft porn site? ugh. so trashy. we want more soccer boys! (everybody now) WE WANT MORE SOCCER BOYS!
i love you, sicko.
guess i better dig out my gun- i can see you've missed it.

ryan said...


ryan said...

and I got all of 29 now! you got it? want me to post it? should have gone out to see Hosty it was a hoot

They Call Me Angel of the Morning said...

I could tell you more but Google will show you the answer to all of your questions about the nether angel.

I have several slutty friends in the XXX Sequel but no Vin so my feelings for them remain unchanged.
Dia knows one of them.

But do give LuLu more soccer boys to help balance out the porn. Tit for tat, y'know.

And all of this is a vast improvement over Ryan Adams photos - I'm not homophobic but he's too ghey.