Thursday, November 17, 2005

I used to get loaded and drive your car

You can go here to download the title track to Ryan Adams new soon to be released album 29. That's just Casey Jones by the Dead right? He didn't even change all of the words. He's gonna have to pay someone for that. I do think I like the song, I'm just shocked at how similar it is.

While you're there grab Elbow's cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack since you already have the original. Sweet.

After that, go here and download the mash-up of Elvis and the Wailers. Pretty fucking sweet.

It looks like I may have another job in a few days! I guess that's good news. What is good news is the work Sumobeats has done on his site, a freaking Bob Marley video, bad action bro. In other update news. The lamest blog ever has been updated with a kick ass album download, if you like the new direction Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has taken with their sound... Which I do. I am also going to a conference in OKC on Friday which means no school.


ryan said...

On first listen I was leaning more towards "Truckin" than Casey Jones but for sure a dead song. And thats not a bad thing, to me anyway

kingdomforavoice said...

It's the same song.

Dead Lover said...

No it's not.

Jerzy B Garcia said...

lyrics ? what ? Not "truckin'"
That kid is pretty ok in a vanilla nothin' new sort of way.
I could give less of a fuck about who pays - my last wife, who, by the way, murdered me,
gets it all.
The more of these new bands I hear the more I miss "echo and the bunnymen"
and "Bauhaus"

Rip Taylor said...

is too truckin.
Garcia lost it when his heartbeat stopped.
Yes this is a direct rip of truckin with new lyrics.
And he managed to make it very gay.

kingdomforavoice said...

whoa ease up here we are talking about ryan adams

GayLover! said...

So Ryan Adams Gay?? I thought he was!!

lua said...

no, not gay- but mark and ryan s. are gay. with their physical love of each other- and for their freaky obsession with ryan adams. personally, love heartbreaker- jacksonville? not so much. i can say that. i have that right. i'm surprised there aren't more posts about the arcade fire- considering that is ALL we listen to at the house, or in the car. Who are all these people you are writing about? Why don't you share? I love Davendra Banhart- and I think Dia would, too. Check out this beard is for shibon (sp?) great song and a hot man.

spankme said...

I think everyone is gay tho. And Vosse and I looked up Davendra Banhart...liked her.

kingdomforavoice said...


he/she said...

sounded like a mistake.

SpankOklahoma Girls said...

HIM ? you mean that group called HIM ?
Ok I will just come out and say it -- Ryan Adams is boring.
And the GD rip is especially anoying because it neither adds to the original noir even has fun with it.
And the new Madonna album sucks.
And the best new CD out there now is Fionna Apple
real music
cool dvd also with real music
there Is hope for pop scene.