Friday, November 11, 2005

Love is just a game

Our friends at KCRW have another great show up, maybe even better than the My Morning Jacket set(since they didn't play my favorite track from the new album Knot comes loose). It's The Magic Numbers one of my current obsessions and probably one of the few discs on my Christmas list. Up tempo melodic 60's cali rock by way of Great Britain. Check out theSet you will not be disappointed(unless you have craptacular taste).

Odida recommends Catholic Comb who have a myspace page, go find it and tell me what you think.

Heads up to okryan and pg, it's time for Christmas lights at the theatre. Get out the ladder and prepare for a climb.


Igg Popcorn and I don't care said...

the comb is mightier than coco flambeau
and mister loveless has a myspace as well

I am backstage at the Fillmore and all I see is chambermaids or chamberpots, but nobody who looks shaggy enough to RAWK.

Odida said...

Mister Loveless!!! Go see them on MySpace!!! Yea! Very cool.

PHOTO Quarterly said...

Dear Mr. Voice,
Our panel has selected you Photographer of the Month.