Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Look who's blogging now

Just a couple of things to say today. One odida is a lucky, lucky little girl. I'd be surprised if she was still in possession of her socks after the SocialD concert she recently attended.

And the second and maybe even cooler thing(since I'm directly affected) my brother has joined the blogging community. I expect to see some crazy stuff on his site since he is a computer geek and actually knows what all that computer stuff in the template means. Like the picture illustrates, I know he's going to work hard to give us lots of funny/interesting stuff to comment on.

In apology news Sarah rulez and listens to all the cd's I make for her.XOXO


Odida Ness said...

Thank you Mark!! I knew you would understand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MIKE NESS! I want his tattooed body! Oh, my christmas present from my husband this year. A tattoo! It's been too long. I am stoked! Mark when you finally get your ass over here...we are at the Fillmore. You would love it. It is the end all be all of concert halls. So intimate...you are so close no matter where you stand. A must see for the true music lover.

That's right, Sarah does Rule said...

Damn Straight I Do, So Fukoff! Oh yeah, thanks for the cd's.