Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp

Sarah can't wait.


she's from south africa y'kno said...

I like her. She isn't a great actress I think she got the oscar for gaining weight and looking as ugly as possible. but the trailer looks sexy..
I will wait for the bargain dvd

Mark, you need music therap said...

Ok let me get this straight... fionna Apple is "whiney?"
and this gay boy ryan who is so derivative not one of his songs has a breath of originality ... he's cool?
Mark go borrow someone's new fionna and watch the dvd side.

fly catcher said...

I fell in love with the cartoon so I will be one of the people going to see this movie. I admit it. I also just wanna see her catch a fly in her eye lashes.

who loves Journey? said...

I miss Journey. Now they were a bit whinny, but damn fine in a tight pair of jeans!

Catch a Fly and we'll all go surfin said...

with her.
Good point.
If we had the one dollar theatre I'd go.
Oh, LuLu is gonna hate this but Charilze is very
into Spanking and has said so in interviews.

Saint Annie said...

I would love love love to give her a big spanking. Wow, nice buns. yummy! ;)